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Aviation Service & Handling

At Orient aviation service & handling, we offer an exclusive program of travel services, designed specially to relieve our clients from all the tiresome and petty chores, which need to be taken care of before starting a holiday tour. And we try our best always to make every moment of the trip full of pleasure. Here at Orient aviation service & handling, we offer the clients comprehensive travel itineraries within the period of 24 hours. Besides, we have a team of professionals, who are highly trained to understand all the requirements of our clients and to offer them only the best options available within the most competitive rates. We also use the latest technology to maximize the use of the latest reservation system to offer immediate feedback to the travelers wherever it is possible. We have partnership with the popular tour operators in different tourist destinations to offer only the best rates for all.

Ground Handling Services

Our ground supported services will provide you with all necessary supports, to ensure your ground operations are successful, & the flight take off safe & smoothly. The ground services we offer are as follows:

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 02.30.44.png

Passenger Handling

Orient aviation offers the highest standards in customer services, and we are committed to provide safe and convenient service to our client, we inform passengers of know delay and cancellations.

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 02.33.31.png

Operation & Ramp Handling

We offer quick turnaround coordination, ground transportation, ground support equipment, baggage handling. Load control manual and automated communication, flight operation.

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Cargo Handling & Logistics

Freighter cargo services, import, export and transfer cargo. We also offer storage services and cargo delivery to and from aircraft.

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Luggage Handling

We provide quick delivery of passenger’s baggage on to the aircraft and out of the aircraft alongside with the world standard.

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Security Service

Safety and security remain our top priority in the services delivery. We ensure security checks at the ramp areas, Cargo security, check in and passenger’s baggage security.

Travel & Tourism

We offer a full range of travel products & services from reservations & issuance of domestic & international tickets, tour packages / destinations, passport documentation services and travel documentation. By utilizing our expertise in the travel industry, our company is now confidently providing its clients a variety of travel services that they pertinently need at the time they require it and at minimum cost. We have a highly active customer care service offered throughout the journey through a telephone number,

which is handed over to the clients with the travel documents. Our travel & tourism services include:

  • Flights Ticketing

  • Visas

  • Medical tourisms

  • Business trip

  • Tours

  • Local traveling

  • Hotel accommodation and transport

  • Travel insurance

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